Yesterday I had it all in my head

Its a trap when they tell you to communicate your feelings. Doing so will only be seen as a sign of weakness, and no woman ever falls in love with a weak man, real or imagined. Women are naturally wired to seek strength in their potential mates, so that they could feel protected and secure, both physically and emotionally. And our modern day ideas cannot bypass the coding that nature has put in place. That is why you have women who still want to be financially taken care of even when they earn more that their partners. You have women who will never dare to express a liking to a guy who has not made the first move. You  have women who will never communicate their sexual preferences. And yet we are constantly being bombarded with new age opinions of how modern day relationships should look like. And everyone pretends to agree with thes ideas in public while they act very differently in private. And the boy child, growing up in a world of women and absent fathers, grows up into a confused man. And we get surprised when that confusion expresses itself through violence, drug taking, alcohol abuse, risky behaviour, chronic unemployment, suicide.

Men do not cry, no matter what the media will have you believe, and if he does cry, he better not do it front of an audience, not even an audience of one.

We have these organizations that we are always hearing about, such as Brothers for life, that seek to encourage men to abandon the old stereotypes of manhood that are mostly prevalent in our communities. And maybe once in a while some men, those who can afford the data to do so, will participate in a twitter thread to bemoan the double standards of behaviour that is now so prevalent in our society. And maybe some men may agree with the labels of so called toxic masculinity, and that we need to define what masculinity can be, even if it means we have to cry every once in a while, and have men there to support you. But when we are all hanging out at the tavern sharing a a few beers no one ever talks about this. Mostly because we know that these ideas do not apply to our daily lives. You don’t show weakness in front of the guys, you don’t cry most definitely, you don’t talk about the things that make you sad, and if you do you hide it within a joke, or you wait until everyone is drunk, that way no one will take you seriously and your manhood will not be questioned the next day. We know what the women in our lives expect from their men, and that not being able to fulfil any of these expectations makes you less of a man, and we accept it, and try as haed as we can to become the kind of men that society expects of us. And when we hear some women on television, on the radio, express a different reality than what we know to exist, we simply put it down to the natural caprice of woman. Because if we don’t, if we fail to do this, to have a clear understanding in the mind, then being a man could be an experience in dissonance, and the confusing that is poorly expressed, and we become the monsters that we have being portrayed to be. A man needs to be masculine, and fulfil the role that nature created for him. The inability to be a man will always turn toxic.

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