Lock the gate will you…


Our families have always been close. So close that we didn’t see the need for a barrier between our two houses. All we had was a small line of bricks we called a wall that even a toddler could jump. So we knew all that was going on with them and they knew all that … Continue reading Watcher


“The kids these days always roam around in packs.” said Bobby “You will swear that they are up to something. But you guys are bored. You have nothing to do. You don’t want to work, you don’t want to go to school. You roam around the streets like zombies. When I was growing up, we … Continue reading Bobby

chaos in us

I realised a long time ago that we don’t have any choice in anything that we do, it only seems that way. And if I could allow myself to look back, I am sure I will see that there is a first choice which I made in the long ago past which led to all … Continue reading chaos in us

The boy

The beginning is not always the beginning, but every story must start somewhere. Our story starts at a relative moment of innocence, in that both our protagonists were still in high school, and their knowledge of the world was still theoretical. Although every teenager likes to believe that they have a full knowledge of the … Continue reading The boy

June 16th

On the morning of the 16th of June, Miriam is preparing to go to work. Her son, Isaac, is already up, already bathed and ready for school. It is at the door, when he is about to go out, that she stops him. “The sun is not even out, and you are already dressed and … Continue reading June 16th


Jane always knew that the baby in her womb was a girl. She had no doubt. Of course her husband, Piet, wanted a boy. He was such a typical man, thinking that the whole world must be populated only by boy children. He’s like those kind  of men who constantly complain that women have it … Continue reading Mpho

In the cold

It was a cold night, but the man could not feel it because he was drunk. The streets were empty, and the man walked slowly, swaying from side to side, as if he did not want to get home. As he turned the corner into the street in which he lived, the pole light went … Continue reading In the cold

The turn

Two heads turned simultaneously when Mpho stood up from her seat and reached over the table for a bottle of salt. Jacob, her boyfriend, looked up quizzically, just in time to see the two men behind Mpho smiling and shaking their heads in obvious approval. Her skirt was short, and it had rode up her … Continue reading The turn


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